What is Tor's Tuesday?

Well, in a nutshell, it's "not to be missed"

Tor's Tuesday is a unique to us day where we offer our customers a truly amazing shopping experience.

Shoppers get the chance to not only grab a bargain but add a little suspense and excitement to their shopping experience.  

Shopper baskets will have one of these randomly selected discounts automatically applied to their basket that only happens on a Tor's Tuesday:

  • 25% OFF BASKET
  • 30% OFF BASKET
  • 35% OFF BASKET
  • 40% OFF BASKET
  • 50% OFF BASKET


buy one get one FREE!!

That's not all

If you do not see a discount % in your basket and its not a BOGOF deal then you will be one of the lucky shoppers that gets either a FREE Mystery gift shipped with your order. 




Tor's Tuesday guarantee's that at least two lucky shoppers will have the full contents of their basket paid for by Tor's Children's Wear during the Tor's Tuesday deal. 

Please Note:

Rep codes used during Tor's Tuesday will supercede the Tors Tuesday deals and you will only be discounted the amount of the rep code used. 

The Tor's Tuesday discount/deal will change every time a basket has been purchased and the next deal will be randomly selected by our system. 

Deals may exclude some brands and sale items