Tor's is an online Baby Boutique based in Cheltenham.

Hi my name is Vicky and welcome to my new online store "Tor's".

I would love to tell you a bit about Tor's and how we came to be.

Tor's is a fond name used by my very close friends and family, most still call me Vicky, but the ones that truly know me, well they call me Tor.

Shortened from Victoria It's a fun easy to remember name that has stuck with me and it's all my husband calls me, i think the last time he called me Vicky was when he said the words "will you Vicky take me as" .. since then to him i am known lovingly as Tor. 

I am proud to say i am a mother to 5 incredible children, and Grand mother to another 5 absolutely gorgeous little Gems. Dressing the little ones up has always been the thing for me, i see a beautiful dress in a shop " I Have to Have it", a little boy's cap and coat set? yep! it's already in the bag. 

You get the picture right? dressing the kids up in beautiful outfits is more passion for me than price! i love how they look dressed up and the way it makes me feel, the cost? well that's my husbands problem lol. 

Passionate is the word my husband would use to describe me when i am shopping for clothes, Children's clothes especially, so when Covid-19 hit my husbands business, we decided to put that passion of mine to work, literally.

So begins the journey of Tor's, bursting with passion and smiling from ear to ear and absolutely no clue how, we dived right in.

Not the easiest of journey's i must say but wow so much fun, i literally spend hours looking at the clothes on our suppliers websites, it's so hard to choose from so many beautiful outfits. Hubby spending relentless hours on the computer building the site, adding the product, keeping the engine going behind the screen and everyday learning as he goes.

But when the hours go by and you don't even realise because you are having so much fun, that's when you know your on the right track. That's when you realise the journey before was only preparing you for the journey now.

Why Tor's? well that was my husbands choice, he wanted a name that would represent something more than the clothes, he wanted to capture the essence of joy, the emotion of finding something you love and bringing it home, just like he did on our wedding day. 

So when your looking for children's clothes and you visit us online, i hope that you understand a bit more about us and what we represent, i hope that my passion for beautiful clothes, is also your passion and together we will fill the day with smiles.

I hope that the name Tor's means much more to you now than just another children's clothes shop, i hope that you see the love and passion of Tor's in all of our clothes and when your children wear them, you will see it more. 

Thank you for taking the time to read my story, and i hope you join us and have as much joy as we do on this journey.

With Love Tor xx


"Our aim is to deliver our promise of quality and exceed your expectation in every way, and it all starts here". 





Customer Notice:

There are several payment methods for your convenience, including Paypal Checkout, Credit/Debit Cards are accepted via our Shopify shopping basket, and for those wishing to spread the cost, we have partnered with Klarna, Clearpay and Laybuy offering buy now pay later options.


Contact us for more information or with any questions.

Please Note:

"We are updating our stock on a regular basis so please keep checking in from time to time and make sure you don't miss out"