Hello, my name is Jesse and I have just celebrated my first birthday in August!
Fun fact - I gate crashed any further celebrations my mummy and daddy may have planned to have in the future by arriving on their wedding anniversary! This is now a day to celebrate me instead!

I live in Wakefield with my Mummy, Daddy and 5 year old brother Remi! My favourite thing to do is to play with my brother. He loves to tickle me and play hide & seek. We are always giggling together (although I do annoy him sometimes when he’s trying to play on his own). I also love playing with cars or anything with wheels and bouncing on the trampoline in the garden.

We love visiting my mum and dads hometown of Bridlington to visit all my family. But the best part is visiting the beach and having a paddle in paddling pools or building sandcastles on the sand.

I have just learnt to walk independently but I love to try and run and because I am very clumsy I fall over a lot! Most of the time I’m chasing after Remi.

My mummy loves to take lots of pictures of me so when she got the opportunity to rep for Tor’s she couldn’t turn it down!
The clothes, shoes and accessories are all amazing quality and I always get so many compliments from others when wearing them!
And guess what!? You can even get a discount of your own by using code Jesse10 at the checkout.

My Instagram is @brothers_remi.and.jesse. Take a look to see what me and my brother get up to and to see more pictures of my amazing Tor’s outfits!

Thank you for taking the time to read all about me!