Hi my name is Everley and I am 13 months old I live at home in Liverpool with my Mummy, Daddy and my favourite person ever my big brother Parker.

I love all things frilly and sparkly and my favourites colour is Pink.
I am a really happy, smiley and chilled baby and I love to laugh I also love to get my picture taken.
My favourite TV show is baby TV especially Charlie and the numbers I love to sing along to their songs
My favourite song is if your happy and you know it and Tides by Ed Sheeran I love to dance to dance to them I love dancing.

I am loving being a part of Team Tors, the best team around. Vicky and Jim are so kind and are the best at sending me beautiful clothes to wear.
My code is EVERLEY10 for discount at checkout

If you want to see me in action check out me Instagram page @everley.alice

Here is me modelling some of the amazing clothes from Tors

brand rep everley image 1 brand rep everley image 2 brand rep everley image 3 brand rep everley image 4 brand rep everley image 5