Hey everyone, I'm Dottie I'm 4 years old, nearly 5!! I've just started big school ūüėĀūüėĀ

I have 2 big brothers and what's more amazing is that soon I'm going to be a big sister ūü•į I can't wait to show you all my baby sister

I love Spider-man ūüē∑ ūüēł & you can see me practicing my poses in the most comfiest clothes from Tor's

Everybody in the Tor's family are so welcoming and the reps are beautiful and supportive ūüėÄ

The clothes, shoes and accessories at Tors are something elseūüĎĆ even better you can use my code Dottie10 and recieve discount at Checkout!!

My Instagram is @dottie_jade2017 where you can see what I get upto and even better more photos of me in these amazing clothes ūüíē

child model wearing pink summer shorts set