Hello everyone! My name is Artie and I am 9 months old ūü•į.

I live in Kent with my mummy & daddy, 2 older brothers Freddie and Tommy, my sister Evelyn and our puppy Cali.

I was born premature at 35 weeks, I get poorly quite often but I am such a fighter I always bounce back to my cheeky chappy self!

I am such a cheeky, happy little baby, I laugh and smile all the time you’ll never see a photo of me not smiling.

I have learnt to roll, sit up, laugh, I can now crawl very very fast, my mummy struggles to catch me because I‚Äôm so quick she nicknames me turbo because I am turbo fast ūüėā.

I can also now stand up and walk along whilst holding onto things. I really enjoy learning new things.

My Mummy loves shopping, i think she is a shopping addict ūüėā¬†and always buys me lots of beautiful clothes.

My mummy loves to dress me in traditional/Spanish clothing. I must say, I suit it very well I think ūü§ć.

When we saw Tor‚Äôs amazing clothing range we decided to purchase a gorgeous romper from them, it was even more stunning on I couldn‚Äôt wait to upload photos ūüėć.

Some time after, we were then approached to be a brand rep for Tor‚Äôs and that was an offer we just couldn‚Äôt refuse!!ūü§©

Vicky & Jim, the people behind Tor’s are absolutely amazing, they are so polite and so lovely too! They run such a beautiful little family run business and we are delighted to be repping for them.

I hope you enjoy seeing all of the beautiful photos of me in Tor‚Äôs clothing on the website. If you see any clothing you like, you are more than welcome to use our discount code ‚ÄúArtie10‚ÄĚ for 10% off ūü§ć. If you‚Äôd like to check out our instagram its @lifeof_artiejames_x we have lots of photos on there of me dressed in such gorgeous clothing from Tor‚Äôs ūüėÉ.

Thank you for reading a bit about me ūü§ć
I hope you have a wonderful day.
Lots of love Artie xox

Oh wait !! check out these photo's of me in Tor's outfits 

Artie wearing a PEX outfit Artie modelling Calamaro romper  Artie modelling a Alma outfit  Artie wearing yellow calamaro romper