My name is Anlón and I am 1 years old. My birthday is in August.

I live in Glasgow (Scotland) with my mummy, daddy & big brother.

My big brother is called Aaron and he is the most amazing big brother. Even though there are 10 years between us 2, the bond we share is unbreakable. Aaron is lots of fun and makes me laugh all the time. I love playing with him, especially football. I crawl and get the ball as soon as I see him.

I am currently attending nursery now because my mummy and daddy are working to ensure me and my brother have everything we need, especially all my nice clothes. I love to play with all my friends there.

I am the happiest little boy with the biggest smile on my face and to everyone I see, to make everyone have a good day with my smile. I have a great personality, slightly cheeky but always bubbly and chilled.

I am currently not walking, but am nearly there. I say lots of words. My 1st word was mum.

My mummy loves to dress me in lots of beautiful clothes and take lots of pictures of me. You will notice my mum likes to dress me in traditional/ Spanish wear. I really do suit it, as you can tell with my pictures. It’s comfortable too and I love it.

When we saw Tor’s, we loved their clothing lines & from that moment on we were asked to be part of an amazing team by becoming a brand rep for them, which we couldn’t turn down, like have you seen their clothes !!

Vicky & Jim are proud owners behind Tor’s company. It’s a family run business. They both have a heart of gold and go that extra little mile for you. They are so polite and their professionalism is outstanding, and that is why we love being part of their team. Keep being you, Vicky & Jim.

I really hope you enjoy seeing me on Tor’s website and my beautiful little smile. If you like any clothing, then please use our discount code ANLON10 where you can save a few pennies and buy more new clothing, win win.

My Instagram page is anlons_world where you can see photos of me, my smile and all my outfits dressed in beautiful Tor's children’swear.

Thank you for reading about me.