Whoop Whoop 1 Today :)

Hello everyone my name is Angus Frederick Dudley, or Gus for short. Im 1 Years old TODAY and live in the Isle Of Man. Its a tiny little island thats only 33 miles long x 13 wide.

My favourite thing to do is help my pops on the farm with the animals, I have sheep, cows and two shetland ponies called Lilibet and Fergus. If im not outdoors I’m sat inside shopping using my mummies card

Ive recently learnt to sit up and im trying my hardest to crawl. Im always a happy smiley baby but i sometimes enjoy to pull funny faces at people.

My mummy loves to shop and I have the most ridiculous hat collection, mostly from tors. Im always dressed in the traditional/spanish clothing as everyone says it suits me. You will never see me in trousers as i always have to have my legs out. I also refuse to wear socks and love to hide them around the house!

We found Tors a couple of months ago and purchased a beautiful bonnet. We soon realised that we couldn’t have it shipped to the Isle Of Man, so sent them an email and they were so quick to respond and so helpful!, we exchanged a couple of emails with tors and it was sorted straight away. They were so helpful and nothing is too much trouble.

We were lucky enough to be picked to be a part of the rep team and since then we’ve spoken to some lovely people who all share their love for tors.

Thankyou for reading a bit about me

Hope you all have a great day
Love Angus xx

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