Hello everyone my name is Nolan Liam and I am 19 months old but I’m still a wee tiny tot.

My mum wanted my name to be unique but also wanted my name to be after someone special to her that sadly passed away. When she found the name Nolan and a name suggestion next to it was Liam she instantly knew this was meant to be and this is where I got my name from.

I gave my mummy and daddy a fright when I made my mummy’s waters break when she was 36weeks and I made an appearance on the 1st of February 2021 weighing a tiny 5lbs 5oz. My mummy was scared to move me as I was so small.. she said I was just like a wee doll.

I stay with my mummy, daddy and my little doggy peppa. I love when peppa tickles me and licks all my face.

I am from Scotland and I love spending time with all my family and having a good carry on. I am a cheeky wee boy and love to have a giggle. My favourite thing to watch on tv is Blippi.

I would love for you all to show some love on my instagram page and my mummy’s. Our account names are.
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